Fast Preventive Maintenance and Auto Repair in Meridian, MS

J & J Tire & Muffler, Inc. has proudly provided auto repair and preventative maintenance services to the Meridian, MS area for over 40 years, providing experienced and certified mechanics for auto repair and preventive maintenance needs. Locally owned and operated since 1978, J & J Tire & Muffler, Inc. carries the reputation of the fastest and friendliest service in the area.

Our Auto Repair Services

At J & J Tire & Muffler, Inc., we know what preventive maintenance means. You want more than an oil change when you are looking to save on gas mileage. We provide the following services for fast preventive maintenance and auto repair in Meridian.

  • Oil changes
  • Tune-ups
  • Suspension and shock work
  • Charging systems
  • Aftermarket accessories

Schedule a Brake Inspection Soon

You should have your brakes inspected and repaired at least once a year. If your brakes are squealing or vibrating when you are slowing down, then you may need your brake pads or pedals looked at. Our mechanics in Meridian, MS will look for signs of wear and tear and damaged parts. Having your brakes inspected means driving a safer car.

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Get Your Preventive Maintenance Done Fast in Meridian, MS

Preventive vehicle maintenance involves a little more than having your oil changed and getting your tires looked at. At J & J Tire & Muffler, Inc., we provide the friendliest and fastest preventive maintenance on your car in the area.

For maintenance, you want to have your tires rotated and balanced and you will need to get your alignment checked. We can also perform routine checkups on your brakes and shocks and do your oil change for you in the same visit. Call us for an appointment today.

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Check Vehicle Suspension

When booking your preventive maintenance appointment, ensure the mechanic will check your vehicle suspension. This will keep your tires and power steering in good shape and keep you in control of your vehicle. If you find that your car is bouncing or swaying, it may be time to get your suspension checked.

Maintain Starting and Charging Systems

On some makes and models, the starting and charging systems become part of the regular maintenance. You want to make sure that your battery, starter, and starting solenoid are in optimum condition at all times. This will involve having a look at the alternator and your voltage regulator. Call us for an appointment today.

Call J & J Tire & Muffler, Inc. for Fast Preventive Maintenance in Meridian, MS

A preventive maintenance appointment with J & J Tire & Muffler, Inc., in Meridian, MS is not typically going to be a long appointment. We can get you in and out on your time budget, and have you on the road safely in minutes. Proudly serving Meridian, MS and the surrounding area since 1978, J & J Tire & Muffler can get your car serviced quickly and affordably. Call us for an appointment today.

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