Heather Robinson July 28, 2017

2024-04-11 | 07:10:25

"This is the Only tire shop I ever go to in meridian!!! They have the best service and the most friendly staff I've ever met!!! They are also the fasted in town, I get a new tire mounted and balanced all in my lunch hour and still have time for what I need to do on lunch!!! Thanks guys !!!! I will always come back!!!!"
Mike Munn July 28, 2017

2024-04-11 | 07:10:26

"This was the third set of tires and alignment purchased for our vehicles from J"
BJ Cummings July 28, 2017

2024-04-11 | 07:10:27

"Absolutely awesome experience! Adrean,Greg and the staff were as nice and courteous as one could ask for. Extremely fast! They had my tires and wheels balanced and mounted in less than an hour. Greg brought me water while I waited and we had a nice conversation. Will definitely take my business back there and will refer my friends and family to this shop as well."
Jarrod Moulds July 27, 2017

2024-04-11 | 07:10:28

Nathan Powell July 22, 2017

2024-04-11 | 07:10:29

"Great, fast, and friendly service, will be back soon for some more work on my 7.3!"
Jeremiah Trawick July 22, 2017

2024-04-11 | 07:10:30

"Excellent service and very knowledgeable staff. My wife's vehicle had been serviced at a different location from a different (main brand) company just to rotate the tires and get new brakes. When my wife's vehicle was returned to us we noticed the steering wheel shaking and grinding in the front brakes. I am in the military and the next day took my lunch hour to go in to this OTHER place and let them know what the problem was, they investigated it and said they couldn't find anything wrong. After letting my wife drive the car as it was for a month, the problem persisted and I decided to take it to a J "