Cheyenne Charles May 19, 2017

2024-04-11 | 07:10:43

"Had a blowout going home from Alabama to Texas on i20 near Meridian. We googled tire shops in meridian and went there hoping to get a tire and good service.... we were not disappointed, the staff was wonderful, we got a good tire, and we were in "
antman johnson May 17, 2017

2024-04-11 | 07:10:44

"Great customer service."
Teresa Louise May 4, 2017

2024-04-11 | 07:10:45

"This is our second time with tire troubles on our f250 first time we got 1 tire in and out with a trailer hooked to back. Thanks guys this time rolled in no appointment decided on the other 3 because one was giving us problems. Team is fast and knowledgeable prices are very good."
Dustin Stewart May 2, 2017

2024-04-11 | 07:10:46

"Very good place to purchase tires. Well priced and they do really good work. Really organized with quick service."
Nathen Ward April 7, 2017

2024-04-11 | 07:10:48

"Always have my tire in stock, and friendly service while I'm waiting ."
Cortney Terrell April 7, 2017

2024-04-11 | 07:10:49

"Great service"