Marcus Kirkland June 25, 2015

2024-04-24 | 03:55:30

"While traveling from Georgia we had mechanical problems at a rest stop in Meridian. We googled this shop and was taken care of as soon as we entered the premises. We were able to get the car seen, test driven, put in the air, and back on our way within an hour. The staff was very courteous and accommodating to our fears about being so far from home with car issues. Definitely recommend this shop to anyone in the area.__seen,test"
Joe Ritz December 17, 2014

2024-04-24 | 03:55:32

"Quoted me about $50 cheaper than tirerack did, with install. Definitely beat Walmart (obviously) and Sears.__They have a laser balancer which is a must for getting an install that will not cause problems down the road.__5/5 would purchase again."
Christina Marie December 12, 2014

2024-04-24 | 03:55:33

"I had great service from these guys both times I was there. I went to get 1 tire, and not even two weeks later I went to get 2 more. I had excellent service from the techs and the owner was super helpful. I will recommend them to anyone, and I will be back for further business."
David Schuurman January 11, 2014

2024-04-24 | 03:55:35

"I was s surprised at some of the bad reviews for J"